is the ip address of router, you can manage the router through it. There are many kinds of router settings. router settings are the most common. The method of setting the router is in the general specification. But there are still a lot of people can not set it.

A lot of people can not open If it is a wireless router, you can use a phone to connect to the router.If you use a computer, you have to look at your computer gateway. If gateway is not, you need to set the default gateway for, view the method: start – run, enter the CMD and then enter the command: ipconfig/all and then see your own gateway.

If not consistent, right click on the network – properties – change the adapter settings – right click the local connection – properties – Internet protocol – properties. And then set the IP address (, default gateway (, and DNS.

After opening the address of the router settings, enter the user name and password login. Most of the default username and password are admin, if you are not sure, you can see the instructions or the back of the router! General router will be marked!

If you have forgot the username or password, you can reset the router by holding the reset button for 10 minutes, it is simple ,isn’t it?